Flash Programming Rev1 Radios

I’m new to the forum. I inherited DTR650s, bought the programming cable but have not received it yet. Now, I learn that some (Gen I) radios might not be programmable. I’m glad I found this forum!!! I’m sure I will be posting questions after I learn more about my radios.

Did you read my blog?
I previously thought as you did, that Rev1 Radios were not programmable, but I (and everyone else) was wrong about that. Rev1 Radios are indeed programmable once you update their firmware.

They are great radios! I have around 8 of them deployed in a production environment. Get the over the ear earpiece. It is a great add on to the radio for live use.

I too just received the flash cable. I’ll be updating a few radios I purchased off of eBay soon.

Thanks for the guide, Andy!

So, I have flashed a few radios. They took the first update fine, and then I did the second update to Rev3. Everything looked right until I tried to read or write to them in CPS. The software can’t find the radio. Weird. So, I hook up one of my radios that has worked with CPS and everything works fine, so it’s not the software, USB to serial or the CPS cable. Ok. So, any idea on how I verify the software version from the radio itself? Or, is there a way to re-flash and start over? I have an older 410 still remaining to flash so I think I may stop at Rev2 with it to see if it will connect with CPS.I’ll let you know how it goes.

That is strange!

I don’t know of a menu item that shows the firmware version, but it’s easy to tell if it’s been updated to Rev3. Under the volume settings, there will be a new setting called TPT (Talk Permit Tone). When you call a Rev3 radio, you should see PVT (Private) in the bottom left of the screen showing that you can reply as a private message. (That may depend on whether you have private groups programmed in, I’m not sure)

Did you follow the instructions in the DTRFlash_UserGuide, specifically resetting the phone after each flash?

Post Flash operation
After flash, the radio needs to be reset by doing the following, in order for the radio to go back to the normal mode.

Remove the programming cable

Turn the radio on

Hold the Home key and press the PTT button three times

Release all keys

Press the Down, Up and Right Software keys sequentially

Hold the Home key and press the PTT button three times again. You should see the radio restart

Hey! I got the radios talking with the CPS software. Not sure exactly what did it, but it was probably that last step of resetting the radio memory. I have R5E.06.05 with codeplug CP03.10.10 on two older DTR 550s. The codeplug version differs between 3.10.10 and 3.10.13 between my radios, but I’m not worried about that too much.

Thanks for the help!

I’m glad to hear that you had success!

As I said in my sticky post, it’s very important to download and follow the DTRFlash_UserGuide when flashing the radios.

Thanks so much for this! New life for my gen 1 dtrs!:hello2: