Follow-Type Cue

This is an example of how the follow cues could be used in a show. All Band channels are unsafed, and all radio mics are safed.
Scene 1 is the start of the song, and the band channels recall to their saved settings. I didn’t do this in the demo, but the Radio Mic settings could be recalled from a cue in YammieQ that’s fired when triggered by Scene 1 being recalled. Right now they are safed even on Scene 1.
Since there’s no UDK buttons on the editor, I use the channel 8 “select” key as a go button (anything at all can be used) to step through the cues within that song. The cues act as “sub scenes” in that they only affect the radio mics. The band channels are untouched and changes made to the band channels will need to be stored on the console to be recalled next time. Radio mic changes are all handled via YammieQ. (The editor seems to “freeze” for a moment when the scene is stored, but that’s only because there’s no console attached. In the real world, it would be instantaneous)!

Follows Cues - CL