FS: Fleet of 6 Motorola DLR1060 radios w/PLMN7136 12-pocket MUC

FS: Fleet of 6 Motorola DLR1060 radios with Motorola PLMN7136 12-Pocket Multi-Unit Charger (MUC). 1 year old in mint condition. Radios include all original packaging and accessories.

DLR series:


DLR1060 $100 each.
MUC $100.

Would prefer to sell the complete fleet w/MUC instead of individually, $600 USD (MUC included).

Reason for selling is I have way too many radios and I have since moved on to a fleet of DTR700 radios. :slight_smile:

Fleet of DLR1060 radios w/MUC have been sold.

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