GEQ page and fader assign on ql1 with midi module

Hi team! Probably user error (I’m new)…

I have everything connected and i can write a simple macro - like faders 1 and 2 up to nominal.

The first real useful macro I’m trying to write would pull up geq1 and assign to faders.
I’ve recorded the action of the rack select and the geq1 select and then fader assign.
It records but when pressed from the Home Screen, it does not go to that page. However, it does change the setting to fader assign, but won’t actually give me control at that moment of geq on faders, it just toggles the button for fader assign on the geq. But doesn’t actually go to the geq.
If I run the macro, it will enable the “assign to faders” function, but wont actually do so until I manual open a geq.

Any ideas? I want the button to go to geq1 and assign to faders on one macro.

Generally, you can’t change screens on the console unless that screen is changed by a function.
e.g. If you lock the console from a macro, the Lock Screen comes up, but if you try to create a macro that changes from rack view to home view, it doesn’t record anything.
There may be other situations where the screen will change via a macro, but opening a rack device is not one of those times.

There’s a few things that can be done by UDKs on the console that cannot be done by MIDI messages, and therefore cannot be done by Companion.

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