Getting a new LS9 soon

Hello I’m the new guy
I work at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville Alabama
Our 2200 seat theater is being remodeled right now and will reopen in the middle of September. One of the big improvements is that we will be getting a new Yamaha LS9 Console. I’ve done Sound & Lighting for 40 years but digital consoles are new to me so I’m reading as much as I can about the LS9 and I’ve watched a few videos too. I’m sure that I will have a few questions to ask you guys in the near future.
Nice to meet you . . .

Welcome, WooferHound!

I was at the Von Braun in 2009, but unfortunately I don’t recall what it was like. What remodelling is being done?

Hey Andy
What show were you traveling with when you came through here?

Yes our theater is being remodeled, It was built in 1975 and has not hardly changed untill recently, Here are some of the changes…
From 72 dimmers and huge Hot Patch, to 325 dimmers, but no new lights or console
Half the 60 pipes in the fly system were Double purchase, all are now single purchase
The fly pipes were all schedule 80 pipe, now all are double pipes in a truss design
Sound & Lights being moved from booths in the balcony to a good audience position downstairs
Adding a nice Lobby area and an elevater up to the balcony, plus all new seating

There are many other smaller improvements but the biggest improvement is that the sound system is being completely replaced, The old system was good for speaking and playing tracks for dance shows but not capable of running a band, here are some of those improvements…
Yamaha 16 channel analog console to Yamaha LS9 digital with 32 channels of eathernet snake from the stage
From small Mono speaker/amp system to multithousand watt Stereo system
Very many individually controlled zones and I hear rumor of Surround speakers on the side walls
The big thing that is missing from this system is a Monitor system with a mixer

The theater isn’t really ready yet but we are doing a sympnony show in a week. It’s not much more than a series of announce mics and the installer will be mainly running the system while I get to look over his back.

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you guys informed . . .

Hi WooferHound,

Just to tell you that I’ve been working 15 years with analogue console.
Then 10 years out of the business.
Then came back in the business one year ago with a LS9.
DON’T BE AFFRAID ! ! : digitale console is not complex as “detractors” can say.
Never say “f… console” because if something is not working, it’s surely your fault.
Take time to read each chapter and practise immediately
Try to change patches, effects, … at home, alone during hours and then you will be ready for the first gig.

In comparison with analogue console, I absolutely not regret the LS9. 1 fky case and everything is in, ready, you can pre-patch…

So , make the step.

There will always be people to support you if there is something unclear :wink: