Hello, I'm APX8000

Hello all, I’m APX8000, an amateur tech who is a radio tech at a major company. I repair radios down to the component level, program radios from simple BPR40’s for companies to PD radios. Certified in TRBO Cap+, CAP MAX, etc. Over the past 20 years, I’ve gotten pretty good at hacking software to make radios do things they are not supposed to do. Have to be careful not to cross the "red line’ between personal and professional when it comes to hacking radios - personal radios are OK, but can’t do what I know to work. Lots of amateur repeaters I chat with friends, but have an IP connect TRBO PRIVATE network of repeaters I chat and talk to “Super Friends”. This private IP TRBO network is secured with RAS and only AES-256 is used for privacy.

Radios I own:
XiR P8668i (Asian version of the XPR7550e)
APX6000 (AN version)
Astro Sabers
Unication G5 (VHF /7/800)

Also into SDR radios - using SDR# and DSD+ Fastlane for software.

It’a the 4th of July, so HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO ALL!!!


With your extensive hardware and software knowledge, your contributions to the forum will be most appreciated!

My first question, do you happen to have any insight into the wiring of the DTR CPS cable?
See the discussion here: http://www.checkcheckonetwo.com/forum/showthread.php?1540-Build-your-own-Flash-Cable&p=7445&viewfull=1#post7445

I am new to the forums too. Hello APX8000. My resume sounds very similar to APXs. I too will be happy to contribute where I can.