Checking in from Tulsa.

Who else is beta testing for Andrew?

Have to say this looks like a really cool program. Can’t wait to dig deeper into it.

Props to Andy for taking the time and effort to do something like this. :icon_pray:

Hey Justice - welcome!

ATM there’s only 3 of us. The stumbling block I think is showing people “what can you do with YammieQ”. I have to keep thinking about what it’s good for, and I probably need to make some more videos showing what can be done. If you come up with a good use for the software, please let me know. I also am working on a Wine port of the software so it can run on OSX. This will be big I think, as hardly anyone seems to be on Windows these days.

I think the way to get more people onboard will be to figure out more real-world uses for the software, especially ones that make using the Yamaha console better.

Thanks for joining!

Made a new thread regarding the T implementation, as I expect it will be a topic of discussion as I work on it.

Have you had a chance to use the software again?

I’m here now too, but I’m going to be a little slow getting going for time management reasons. I am however going to start playing around soon.

Hi, my name is Micha.
Part geek, electronical engineer, and owner of a CL1. Ran into some limitations of the standard console automation now and then (which isn’t surprising, taking the price category in which these are sold, the consoles are already very extensive imo).
YammieQ seems a very powerful tool that has the potential to make the consoles even more powerful. I’m very eager to start playing around with it. I will try to post some experiences now and then.

I’m an engineer/designer working on a technically intense musical. We are in the acquisition phase of an equipment upgrade. The current system is a Mac running an in-house designed show controller, that in turn controls a M7CL via MIDI. We are upgrading to a CL-5 console. The first thought was to fire it with Qlab and step the scene memory. I felt we could do a bit more if we did some homework. I started looking for a show controller that would give us the programing flexibility we have become used to in our old system. I found a little bit of chatter somewhere about YammieQ. I sent a message to Andy and joined the test group. I’m impressed with the function and intuitive nature of YammieQ. It really seems to enable a Yamaha console to compete with much more expensive machines. Thank you Andy! You have made a great tool, and you are very generous to share it.