Help with new update

I am new to the world of Stream Deck. This pages has been very helpful in understanding how it works and is modified.
I wen to today to download the beta version to get the RCP and 3.0 was the newest stable version. I downloaded that and the updated version of the RCP was there. My issues is i have the right IP to the console, but the connection is timing out. Is there something I am missing?

Are you setting the IP to the Device Control or Mixer Control IP address?
What console are you using?

Start it up, clear the log and then send me the log after it times out.

I just noticed there were two options on the console. Device control hasnt been set up. Im on a QL5. I can get the logs when I am back at work

The setting on the console is the same setting as for MonitorMix

It says,

23.06.05 09:38:48 Instance/Wrapper/yamaha-rcp: Network error: connect ETIMEDOUT

Gotcha. So, looks like you’re not connected to the Console.

Verify that this is the correct IP address of your console.
Get MonitorMix up and running to test the connection, or at least the QL Editor. Once you know that your computer is connecting properly to the console, then disconnect those apps and try companion again.

It is. I just figured out that the ip scheme for my av network is 192.168.1.xx . I moved the console from its default and seems to be working. Should I be okay with both the console and dante being in the same ip range?

Not a problem.

Glad you figured it out!