Hi, I'm a new member!

Hi, I’m Nacho and I came from spain,

Victor, from Brazil

Hi, Bartek from Poland :wink:

A newbie here… Hello from Poland

Hi, I’m Emanuele and I’m an Italian sound engineer from Milano

Welcome, Emamisu!

Darrin here - I’m an auditorium manager for a high school in the US that runs theater scenes on a QL5.

Looking forward to learning how others automate theater with the module.

Student will be recording macros to make it easier to operate on (stressful!) performance days.

I’ll be interested to hear what macros make things easier for the students. Enjoy.

Hello all, I’m josh. A sound engineer in the UK

Hi I‘m also new
My name ist Stefan and I‘m from. Germany

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Welcome, Stefan!

Hello from California!

Hi Dan from Chicago

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Sweden here!

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Virginia! Glad to be here

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Hello, I’m Peter from Belgium

Switzerland here!

Hi fellow audio people! I’m from Germany!

Hi, I´m Ole, a sound engineer from Berlin, Germany!

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Good to be joining you all! Hello from the USA!