Hotkey Function

@Andy Is there a way to have it so the button similar to the hotkey switch on streamdeck? Essentially, you could give a number on each end of the “hotkey” and be able to toggle between the two. (I.e. -32768 and 0)

Hi @Nathan !

I’m not familiar with the “Hotkey” function.
Toggling between 2 values is very easy, but maybe you could tell me exactly what you would like the button to do? Then I can help you figure out the best way.

I’m looking to adjust a channel fader from infinity (no volume) to 0db at nominal with a single button. This way, I could adjust a single fader with one button instead of an infinity button and a 0db nominal button.
I guess it would essentially be a toggle button with a callback stating if the fader was an infinity or 0db.

Thanks in advance for the help!!

Just set the button to latching where latched is 0 and unlatched is -32768.
Here’s an example:
Toggle Ch1 (1.5 KB)

Thanks Andy, it worked perfectly!

One other question similar to this function. Is there a way to have the CL/QL name from the console show on the Streamdeck PLUS a volume level?

For example, if I have my Channel 1 be Mic 1 on the console, and volume is set to -12db, is there a way for the button to show “Mic 1 -12db”

I can get it to where the color changes based on the value, but can’t get a dynamic name change whilst following the name on the console.

You can have the name of the channel show on the button, but not the level.
You would use feedback. Any “name” or “color” feedback will change the button text or color.
Here’s the same config I sent, but adding the name feedback to pull the name of the channel to the button text.
Toggle Ch1 (1.5 KB)