How Many Different Motorola DTR550 Antennas Did Motorola Manufacture?

As posted above, does anybody here know how many different antennas Motorola manufactured for the DTR550 series? Was it just the stubby and the 1/2 wave? Do they, or did they, ever make a 5/8 wave antenna for the DTR 550s?


  1.  8505241U04

Flexible Whip, 896-941 MHz, 7"
Injection molded for rugged environments. Each antenna is tested and tuned to give maximum power and performance. Antenna has a one-piece finish and steel core for optimal strength and better radiation characteristics. Provides more comfort when radio is worn on the belt.
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Unit of Measure: 1 EA


  1.  8505241U06

Stubby Quarterwave, 800 MHZ Band, 806-870 MHz
8505241U06 is a broadband antenna that operates in the 800/900 MHz band.
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ANT WHIP 700/800/900 STUBBY

Antennas that were specifically manufactured for the DTR550? Technically NONE. The antennas are existing antennas designed for Motorola’s top tier commercial radios and are (expletive) good antennas at that. The two antennas for DTR550/650 are also used with the MTX9250 and others.

My fleet of DTR650 radios each came with the 1/4 wave antenna and I swapped them out for the 7" 1/2 wave antenna. I like the convenience of the 1/4 wave antenna but want the better performance of the 1/2 wave. Both antennas perform well on the DTR550/650 and I found it very hard to tell any difference with them. Where any differences might be noticed would be when right on the hairy edge of coverage. In normal everyday use, the average user probably would never notice any difference.

I wish Motorola had used the recessed male SMA antenna connector in the DTR600/700 to be able to use the same antennas. The DTR600/700 have a small single stud connector. It turns out the PMAF4024 1/2 wave antenna and PMAF4025 stubby antenna for the DTR600/700 also perform very well.