How to affect multiple mixes with Companion and the CL5

Bit of an urgency, but also not at the same time… apologies that this is definitely the wrong forum. Trying to preprogram this show before I arrive on site this weekend and save me some work.

If I create a button on the stream deck that I want to send X input channel on a CL5 to say, 5 different destinations - in this case mix buses 1-5 -, in the “yamaha-RCP: InCh/ToMix/Level”, can I just type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in the “ToMix” field, or do I need to create input X 5 times and type an individual mix number into the “ToMix” field on each one?

I don’t have access to the console till Sunday, and I’d like to get this done tonight if possible.

Thanks, apologies again for the wrong sub-forum.

No problem.
Set you cue mode to “Mix Cue” so you can cue more than one thing.
In the ToMix field, use the “CuedMixes” variable, then cue mix 1,2,3,4 and 5.
Then you can adjust whatever mix you cue.
If you want the mixes to be permanent, not just the ones you have currently cued, then again cue the mixes you want to adjust, and go to the “Variables” tab and copy the actual string (not the variable) that it shows for “Cued Mixes”.
Off the top of my head, I think it’s just the mix #'s with a comma between them, but you’ll see it when you look at the variable.

Copy that!

They’re not cue mixes, they’re actually stage take-overs. So if stage 1 finishes, they may want to hear stage 3 at 1 while 1 readies up another game. So with the push of a button, I need to automate the switching of signals around.

Sounds like using commas to seperate the 1-5 values should do it!

No, the cue button is simply a way to choose mixes that you wish to affect “on the fly”.
Sounds though like you have enough information to do what you need to do.