How to create custom Presets In SCP Module

Hey Guys

First I want to introduce myself.
I’m Carsten, 35, Sound Engineer and “Meister für Veranstaltungstechnik” and as you might see, based in Germany.

What I want to know/do?

I want to know how I can program some custom presets within companion using the SCP Module.
I’ve created some special buttons for a streaming solution I’m doing quite often lately with my QL1.

For example:
a Button triggers several “send to Matrix” ON/OFF switches, switch ON a Channel and the release undos everything.
With Color Changing of the buttons it is a little bit of programming behind a button.

I know that I can just copy a button within companion and that I can record a macro within the SCP instance.

But I’ve got the Buttons all setup and there are almost exactly the same, but for customers I often need to create custom pages and jumping back and forth between pages isn’t as easy as just drag and drop a preset from the preset menu within companion.

So my question is: how can I create presets within companion.
Companion offers the ability for instance programmers to create presets
I would like to create some myself and therefore I wanted to know, where in companion they are located.

I know that I can copy buttons from a page to another and I know that I can record Macros, but I’ve got a couple of buttons that I use regularly and I want so save them in the presets so that I can just drag and drop them when needed.

Hope you guys can help.

best regards and a happy holiday
greetings from germany


Welcome, Carsten!

Why not just use copy/paste? If you press Cmd-C (or Ctrl-C on Windows) it puts the button into the copy buffer. Cmd-V (Ctrl-V on Windows) pastes the button. Delete will delete the button.

The way to create Presets is to first create your buttons using the Macro function, then they are automatically presets.

Oh, my bad
I actually didn’t get, that when I record a macro, it will later be available in the preset section
I thought it’s only for creating new buttons
I’m very sorry about that
Gonna try this as soon as I’m back at my Mac!!!
Thank you so much

No problem. Keep in mind that the SCP Macros are created a little differently than the MIDI Macros.

Here’s how the SCP Macros are created.

Hey guys
Hope everybody had a good start of 2021

I was finally able to test the macro function.
If I didn’t to anything wrong, I can only record functions for a “Key Down” but not for the “Key Up”
And I can’t get a button feedback like red background for a muted channel and a green background for a unmuted channel.
Also the macros were gone after I restarted companion
So if I didn’t do something wrong, this might not work for me.

So I’m basically back at my question: where or how can I create presets within companion?
I’ve got like 20 buttons I use all the time and I only need to configure them once.
So Andy, if you could please tell me where within companion I can configure them, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
PS: new forum is looking really good

Welcome back!

Not sure if I implemented automatic key up creation in the SCP module.

Why not?

Still not sure I really understand what you’re trying to do.
Have you tried the MIDI module? If you’re using the CL or QL it’s much better.

P.S. Thank you for the comment about the forum. It was a lot of work but it’s much bette overall.

I guess Key Down is the most common use but if I get the macro correct you can’t seperate between the Up and Down Key Function…

Why not?
Because while programming a macro I can’t implement button feedback.
I can add it manually in the end, but as I said before, that’s not what I’m looking for

No, I didn’t try the Midi module, but I don’t think it will change much.
I just want to create some preset buttons within companion.
I added two pictures.
The first (I hope it is the first) is showing some preset button which are part of an ATEM Mini Pro

I would like to have buttons just like that
The second image is one of my buttons I’ve got configured.
I just want this functions within a button in the preset tab.
So that I can drag and drop them to a custom page.

PS: Can imagine that it was a lot of work.
Hope everything is working well so far and you didn’t loose any of the data

Thanks and wish you a great start of the day

I see what you’re saying.

The MIDI module will create the key up and feedback when creating a macro, so that part is better. I don’t think I implemented that in the SCP module, I can’t remember. Press and hold is how you do it in the MIDI module. However, the MIDI module doesn’t have the ability to create presets.
Personally, I would just use copy/paste or import page to do what you’re trying to do.
Why do you need to create unique pages over and over?

Okay, then I’m gonna ask in the companion thread on Facebook again…

I do a lot of streaming lately and I’m using multiple PC’s to connect people.
Sometimes they use the same platform, sometimes they use different (like, zoom, teams and Skype)
And yes, they do have to use different systems because of company or government guidelines, so they can’t switch.
So sometimes I do have different people sitting with me (from government or the company) who need to talk to their company
So basically for every streaming platform I got one person sitting here wo might need to talk to different people in the background
Sometimes to only one stream, sometimes to multiple streams.
Everbody gets a stream deck with its unique page, so they can only talk and interact with a special set of people.

I think this is a very special requirement, that’s why I don’t want you to implement it completely into your module.
I just wanted to know, how to create them on my own within companion.

I’m using the copy and paste function currently, but I’m jumping back and forth, and its kinda annoying…
Thank you so much for your time