How to download YammieQ

Hi Andy - Where can I find the download for YammieQ?

It’s not available to the public. I have to update your permissions to access.

So, I’ve updated you now and you should be able to download it.
On MacOS, you’ll need to use a VM. It really doesn’t work with Wine, but works great with VirtualBox (and any of the paid VMs too).

Thank you.

And what does one have to do, to be allowed to download YammieQ?

Sorry, @stef… Just installed this new forum so I think I don’t have the correct links in here yet.

Let me work on that, I’ll let you know.

Should be fixed now. Let me know if you still have trouble downloading.

Hi Andy
works now - thank you.

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Hey, I was wondering if I can get permission as well?

Hi there, Is there a possibility of permission as well?

You will have to reach Trust Level 1 to download software. But don’t worry, it’s easy enough! .

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On my humble Quest to reach trust level 1!