How to use Companion

Hello, I have downloaded Companion App (not with your yamaha midi profile as I do not have level 1 access) and I am trying to set it up so that my stream deck keys on my XL eseentially mirror my user defined keys. I want them to control a sends on/off. My laptop connects to my QL via editor. How do I do this?


Run the CL or QL editor on your computer. Get it working and communicating with your mixer.
Shut down the Editor and fire up companion. Click on “Web GUI” and wait for your browser page to open.
Next steps are from memory so I might have some names wrong…
Go to the Instances Tab and on the right, type in Yamaha. Select Yamaha-RCP and click Add.
In the edit window, set the IP to the “mixer control” IP from your console. This is the same IP you entered in the Editor when you got that connected.
Click on the “Presets” tab on the right and drill down until you see “Record RCP Macro”.
Drag that button to one of the SD buttons on the left.
On your physical SD, push that button.
Turn a Send on or off
Push the button on your SD again.
You have now created a button that will turn a send on and off with feedback.

Write back if you run into any problems.

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Not sure. Typically “just works”. Have a read through here:

I had to re-scan usb devices and it worked! My only challenge now is when I click record SCP macro on my SD, I make a change, then hit the button again. However the button does not replicate the action once I press it after the recording process. Also, I must note that the button goes black when I hit it and does not turn yellow as demonstrated in your videos.


Thank you so much, sir! you are seriously the best for this

Is it connecting to the console properly? Look at the Instance page and see if it shows a green “Ok”. If not, have a look at the Log to see what error it’s showing.
If it’s connecting then try a different function on the Console, and go to the Log tab and see what it shows.
On the Log tab, there’s 3 buttons, Info, Warning, Debug (I think). Make sure they’re all on. (click them)
If the console is connected and communicating to Companion, when you make a change on the console, you’ll see messages showing up in the log. Try pushing a fader or something simple, for example.

Here are some screenshots. I hit RECORD key, turned off a channel on my console, hit record again to lock in macro, then turned my channel back on to test. I hit my SD key which shouldve recorded the function, but it does not affect the console in any way. Any thoughts? I feel like I’m missing something very obvious and apprecaite your help. MY QL editor connects. Also, I do see a “GREEN” Ok description under status for companion.

That’s strange. Looks like you’re doing it correctly.

On companion, does the macro button show “Macro 1” (or some number) after you pressed it the second time?
Click the button on the Web GUI and see what it shows on the right hand side. If it recorded the command from the console correctly, you should see the command in the actions list there.

It does not say “Macro 1” either on companion or my SD upon pressing the REC button again. However, if I go to presets for macros on companion, I see multiple “Macro 1” buttons there. All perform the correct action I was testing.

That looks like a very old version of Companion.
Download the beta, or better yet, download the version here. You should have trust level high enough now.

I found the correct link, THX! Will try everything you instructed soon.

Andy, Thank you! It is all set up and working as it should! I appreciate your help and direction! I hope you have a great day!

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