How to use the dynamic button name/color feature in SCP module

Here’s a little video of me creating a button that pulls the channel name from the console, in this case, ch 1 on the console is named “Kick”. (what a surprise, eh?)

Dynamic Name/Color in SCP Module

Just follow the same workflow to pull the channel colors from the console strips.

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So for this to work, I have to set it all up, disable and enable the instance, and then it shows the label name and/or color. Same for the fader on status for that mater.

For it to refresh, you need to do one of 4 things:

  1. Change the name or color on a channel using Companion or the console.
  2. Recall a scene using Companion or the console.
  3. Disable/Enable the instance or restart companion.
  4. Add or edit the feedback on the button that has Name/Color feedback.

Feedback comes from the console so that you can make a change on the console or SD and see the change on the SD.

Is it working as expected or are you finding issues?

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