HPF Values for feedback

Can we get the command ‘yamaha-MIDI: inputHPF/EQHPFFreq’ (and similar commands) to actually show us the freq’ value for said channel on the SD Key? i.e. The key text could be - ‘HPF Ch1

I currently use the QLab module too, and that module has the ability to put time durations onto the keys:

For instance this is Time left and Cue name key text.

Well, the trick is that because of the way Companion is written, I’d need a separate variable for every channel. The way I did channel names and colors is using feedback, not variables. The downside for any text done that way is you can’t format it in the text field.

So… in terms of HPF or Fader/Mix levels, using the built-in variable system isn’t great because of the number of variables you’d need. Plus it wouldn’t work with the “My Channel” system, whereas the way I did it with feedback does.


Can you not keep the values in an array - the size of which is determined by the console type i.e. channel count.

Storing them is not the issue. Each one though has to have a unique name. One value wouldn’t be hard, but then what about db levels for faders, or mix sends? (96 x 32 including matrices)…

That’s the reason I used feedback rather than user variables for the name and color. No fun typing Name: $(NameCh1) Name:($NameCh2) in each button… I prefer automation anyway. But, like I say, it doesn’t allow for customization of the text. The Companion variable system, while a great idea, is quite limited when you get to things like my modules.

However, another possibility is adding frequency feedback the same way I did names, but I’m not sure what would be a good “fixed” text to show, especially if you wanted both the name and HPF value at once…

Have you tried the MIDI module? There’s a big update coming shortly.

Hi Andy - I just downloaded 1.1.0 today.

Much better idea of actually putting the recorded macro onto the button you initiated the recording from. Great!