HUI like parameter "spill" feature in Stream Deck?

I noticed you were using the new Stream Deck with knobs in your video demo. I’m curious if there’s a way for the SD’s buttons and knobs to follow what’s selected on the console, like a HUI controller does. One possible use case is when you select a reverb; the SD displays the primary parameters - reverb time, room size, etc.

With the RCP module, not all commands are available. Certainly no FX adjustments are possible within the RCP protocol.
That being said, if you are controlling parameters like mix levels, pans and so on, then the display on the buttons can reflect the settings from the console, as I showed in the demo.

Possibly there might be a way using the MIDI module to display more parameters, included possibly FX settings, but I have not even started work on that one for v3 yet.