i dont get it...

hello from cold london,

I found i was a member of this forum and i have gotton all excited about the “sends on fader” patch.
I have downloaded the “sends on faders” patch but am struggling with the midi software i need to install.

1stly im running vista and the midi program site doesnt list vista as an option?

any help is greatly appreciated in advance




What software are you having trouble with specifically?


the midi software - on the site you link too it doesnt offer a version for vista x32 or indeed any vista.


“The midi software”?

Are you talking about MIDI Yoke or the USB->MIDI drivers or something else?

midi yoke



im guessing that this wont work “offline”

anyone fancy talking me through it over msn/skype?


tried it again today, and i simply cant get it to work.
either im missing something. or this wont work with my current laptop?


At what step exactly are you getting stuck?

Managed to get everything installed, just cant get the SOF to work in SM

I assigned all the ins/outs as per JPEGS in the SOF file, but nothing happened?

even had the SOF window open and assigned that, but nothing happens… what am i missing


Could be anything.

As far as I know the instructions are complete. If you follow each part you should be fine.

Does SM work properly without SOF running?

What console do you have?

yes all runs fine untill i start making changes for the integration of the SOF


aha, just tried re installing all the software and ive got as far as the “Midi” indicator on the SOF to go green - the boxes in the SOF are all blacked out- is that because i dont have the desk online? as its at the unit and im not!

The software only works when you are connected to a Yamaha console.


tried this out in anger on friday night, when it worked it worked well, however there were a few issues, like it kept freezing or not syncing with what the desk was actually doing, untill i moved a fader on the desk then the software changed. (there was full wifi signal) and this has only happened since installing SOF.

Im currently installing it on my touch screen tablet as it was indeed very useful tool

a couple of possible enhancements?

anyway of the Mix boxes having the ability to be labelled? ie follow the desks labelling ie mix 1 = Drum mix?

otherwise worked well apart from the mentioned probs


Glad you got it working, Dan.

Sounds like you’re losing the MIDI connection over WiFi. Try it cabled and see if you still have sync issues.

A while ago I started to add labels, but it ended up being far more effort that it was worth, since all the consoles handle labeling very differently.

tried it with a cable, didint notice a difference, its like something was getting clogged somewhere, also when i rightclicked on the SOF icon on my desktop it crashed the machine?#


I’ve not heard of that happening before. My guess would be that something’s up with your computer. Try it if you can on another computer, or better yet, on a computer with a clean install of windows…

tis a new laptop, less than a week old, everything else runs fine, all upto date windows updates, as i said it ran fine for about 3 hours then crashed on me a couple of times in a row.

Ill load it onto a tablet tomorow and try that.

any chance of the labelling of the mix buttons? can it pickup the data thats inputted into SM or would it have to be done on SOF?