Increment or decrement values?


first of all - thanks for this great feature of MIDI control.

My question is, is it possible to “stack” a Mixsend valuechange with one button?
Meaning : I want to press one button on the streamdeck to lower the mixsend of CH1 to Mix1 by -3db. If I press the same button again, I want the the same change again. So lowering it again by -3db. Having a total of -6db from CH1 to Mix1.

The only way I found this to be working is to create multiple buttons with different Mixsend values.
For example one button for -3db, one for -6db, one for -9db and so on.


Hi Stephan;

This may be possible in the near future using a new feature of companion called “step actions”.

They’re working on it now so maybe in a month or two we’ll see it.


Note that this is for the RCP module only, but don’t forget you can have actions that include both RCP and MIDI commands on a single button if you like!