Instance Feedback in MIDI module

Hi, Am using the midi module to control a QL5 console and am finding that the instance feedback only changes if i press a button on the console but doesn’t change when I press the button on the streamdeck even though the action is working.

Just to explain what I have setup
Streamdeck Button is set to turn insert point on and off on a mix bus with instance feedback set to turn backgound of button red when insert is on.
When I am testing it and press the Streamdeck button the insert turns on and off but the colour of the button doesn’t change.
If i turn the insert point on and off on the console then I get the change of colour.

Is this to be expected?
Am trying to use the Streamdeck to control routing for me and would like it to show the current state of the insert point but will only be using the Streamdeck to control the rouring and at the moment there is no way of telling what state the insert is in on the Streamdeck

Hi Peter;

Thank you so much for trying this out. I haven’t had a chance to test with a QL, so I appreciate the feedback.

Are you finding you’re getting no feedback on ANY buttons, or just the inserts?

Please export and send me your config so I can have a look and see what’s going on.

Was on the desk yeterday and was using Mix insert on as well as ch to Matrix on.
Have just using the CL and QL editor to test things now and it seems to be any function I have tried.

Am not with the equipment today so will send the file over when I am back infront of it tomorrow.

Ok, thank you.
Just FYI, when using the Editor, you won’t get feedback when pressing a button on the Stream Deck, that’s as per normal, because of the way the Editor works. When connected to the desk, everything SHOULD work properly, but I will try and test that if/when I get an opportunity to try it with an actual console.

Ok, I see the problem. I’ll get a fix for that shortly.

Thank you for letting me know!

Great, thanks for looking at this so quickly :slight_smile:

Try 1.1.3 and see how that works.

I don’t have a console to test it, so please don’t delete 1.1.2 in case 1.1.3 is fubar.