Just saying Hello!

Hi Guys(and Girls),

Our Church just purchased an LS9/16 about 3 months ago. The old analog desk got ditched and the sound lady also left, she was replaced by 2 other people not including myself. We had absolutely NO experience with Audio or Audio mixing in general, let alone a digital mixing console. We were using an initial setup scene that installer had made(ie: EQ, Mixes etc…)

I consider myself technically minded having previous experience in Help desk and trouble-shooting PCs’.

Suffice to say it has been a steep learning curve, but when I discovered Studio Manager(even tho’ functionality is limited and what’s with all the windows?) but, it helped me cement the signal flow and was more intuitive that the console itself, or the manual’s Block diagram/s, with all the multi level menus.

Since then I have created my own *.L9A file/s to suit my own preferences and have been teaching myself parametric EQing and the use of compressing(vocals mainly and acoustic guitar) which I used for the first time LIVE yesterday. The clarity of vocals in the mix was outstanding.

I hope to teach myself better Volume control, EQ, Panning, effects patches and Dynamics(compression etc) as all are important to me to go from a good mix to a fantastic mix.

OK, see ya later…


Hello! I came to this forum for finding some info about wireless controlling of yamaha 01V96/studio manager.