Label SD keys from Data Source

Current work flow for live stream:

  • goal is scored
  • identify goal scorer number
  • find that player’s number on streamdeck button (title)
  • hit that button which will tell streaming software to populate lower third graphic with name found in corresponding excel cell.

The difficulty is setting up the streamdeck buttons with the player numbers as the titles - especially for multiple games. At the moment i am painstakingly labeling each game on a new profile page all mapped in the same way.

If i could point the stream deck to a data source in order to label the key it would be a massive help.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Which companion module are you using?

Module is Vmix.

I would recommend trying the google sheets module. Using that you could have a list of names and number in a spreadsheet and pull the names to fill in button names by the variables created by the google sheets module.

The help file within that module explains how to use it.

Pardon my ignorance. Can I use that module to name the key and also use the same button with a vmix module function?

I expect so… I’ve never used the vmix module so I’m not sure whether it supports variables. Certainly button names do as that’s a companion thing, not a module thing.


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