Latest CPS Software work for Windows 10?

I was wondering if anyone has tried the latest CPS Software on a Windows 10 machine? Since it’s browser based now, I wasn’t sure if it works on Windows 10 now (including the drivers).

You’ll have to let us know! I can’t imagine it NOT working.

I don’t have a Windows 10 machine, just an old Windows XP clunker that I’ve been keeping around specifically for these radios. I’m thinking of buying a new machine, but want to make sure that these would work with it.

I assume you’re not buying a new machine JUST for CPS, right?
It’ll likely work fine, at the very worst it might need to run in Win7 emulation, but no biggie.

Oh no, but it would be useful if it all worked so I could get rid of the clunker. I actually set-up Bootcamp on my MBP with Windows 10, and it’s working all fine, so there’s the answer! Yes, works with Windows 10.


I recently purchased two new DTR650’s. Trying to use my new Win10 computer to program the radios, the USB/SERIAL adapter is not recognized. I have updated drivers and played with different setting, but cannot find a way to get Win10 to recognize my USB/SERIAL adapter. The CPS software seems to operate fine with Win10, but the comm port is not recognized that the USB/SERIAL adapter is plugged into.

Anyone else encounter this issue? I do not have an old XP or Win 7 machine laying around to fall back on. Any suggestions.

I used the CPS software last night on a Win10 machine. The software worked flawlessly. I did have the above mentioned issue with the Win10 machine not recognizing the comm port I had the USB/Serial adapter plugged into.

I believe I have found that you need to buy a new USB/SERIAL adapter with drivers for Win 10. However, I got to thinking that maybe I could use the old Win7 driver, so I searched the internet for the (2009) driver and downloaded it. I then opened up device manager and switched the comm port I was using for the USB/Serial adapter to the older Win7 driver ( dated 2009) and the CPS software then recognized my comm port and I was then able to program a couple of new radios.

When I get a chance, I will try to find a USB/SERIAL adapter made specifically for the Win10 operating system for future use. However, the temporary fix mentioned in the above paragraph, worked fine, and so did the CPS.

If you get USB to RS232 adapters that use the most common chips - Prolific, FTDI or SiLabs, you’ll have no problems. They’re also the cheapest.

Thanks Andy. When I get the opportunity, I will try and find one of these adapters. We live in a remote area and doing the workaround with rolling back the drivers, at the time was my best option. We buy a lot off the internet and I will try there first. Thanks again. Lonny

Andy, I had some time this afternoon to assess my USB to RS232 serial adapter. What I found was the adapter that I currently have, has the Prolific chip set. This is also the very same adapter that my Win10 computers do not recognize. Our computers are actually on a rental plan, and get replaced every three years. For that reason the USB to RS232 with the Prolific chip worked fine on our older Win7 machines. We got the new Win10 computers in October. Last week when trying to use the USB to RS232 adapter, the CPS software could not find a comm port. Further checking revealed that the Win10 computer has a problem recognizing the RS232 with the Prolific chips. As mentioned above I worked around this by reverting back to the same driver I used in the Win7 operating systems.

In doing some more research I found this USB to Serial adapter (RS232) that is optomized for the Win10 operating system. I am not sure whether I will go ahead and order this newer RS232 adapter or not, because rolling the driver back for the current adapeter works fine for me, and was easily done. For anyone that does not have an adapter, or does not want to mess with reloading drivers, this newer version may be a better option.

In all honesty, having Motorola make programming cables dedicated to USB is probably the best option out there. This would simplify things greatly, but most likely will not happen.

From the Prolific site:

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32 & 64-bit) WDF WHQL Driver: v3.6.81.357 (09/04/2015)

  • Windows 10 Certified WHQL Driver
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 Certified WHQL Driver
    - Windows Certification Report
  • Compatible with Windows Server2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2
  • Driver can auto-download via Windows Update (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

The driver is downloadable via Windows update, so you shouldn’t really have had any problems. Odd that you did!

Andy, this driver you reference is on my computer, but until I “rolled back” the driver to the 2009 driver ( the comm port was not recognized by Win10 when using the USB/Serial adapter with the prolofic chip. Perhaps it was just my computer with this issue, but I felt making others aware of it, may help them. I do not mind getting a new USB to RS232 adapter like the one I supplied a link for, but I found a work around that enabled me to program two radios long before I could order and receive a new adapter. Because Win10 seems to be a great operating system, like you, I too am somewhat surprised there was an issue.

Windows 10 works great here.

Right now on motorolas website they have 05 now available.

Thanks! No changes in the software for DTR radios, they just added support for another radio model. However, I’ve added the link to the “start here” thread.

what’s new in the new CPS?

Nothing I can see for DTR radios. Just a browser-based interface which may be easier to navigate.

im not sure if it is super relevant but I have a windows 10 computer I ordered the cps software with a radio I bought on the internet. during the installation it notifies me that I need to have a minimum of nt 4.0 or later in order to install. then it exits the install. I cannot get any further than that.

Not sure why you’d order the CPS. It’s free to download.