Lighting control through the LS9 via laptop?


I’m not sure if I’m asking this in the right forum, but I’m hoping to set up something interesting with my LS9. I run FOH and lights for a show band I work with and love using Studio Manager to control the console, but would like to be able to trigger scenes on my Elation Show Designer 1 via a program called “MIDI Buttons”, hopefully through the MIDI link that is used to control the LS9. Is it possible to send a second channel of midi through the DME-N driver, through the console, and to the lighting controller? From what I understand, the lighting controller uses MIDI Notes at triggers, which the LS9 doesn’t apparently use. Would I be able to simultaneously use Studio Manager and the MIDI Buttons program to send MIDI through the same virtual midi-over-ip port?

Sorry if this is a dumb question.


Are you looking to change lighting presets when changing scenes? Does the Elation respond to program changes?

Hello Andy,

I’m sorry I wasn’t very clear in my original posting as I was in a bit of a hurry. As you will likely notice, I am a complete novice when it comes to MIDI, so my questions may be a bit ridiculous. Here’s where I am after a bit of experimentation and hair-pulling:

I do sound and (unfortunately) lights for a fast-moving show band in a lot of clubs and private events where FOH is in a less-than-ideal place, so I absolutely love using Studio Manager to control my LS9 via my netbook as I roam the room. The only problem is that I have several lighting cues I need to trigger, so I end up running back and forth like a madman.

The lighting controller is an Elation Show Designer 1 and from what I can gather, basic scene recall is done via MIDI Note On/Off. I’ve also gathered that the LS9 does not use Note messages, so my thought was that if I could merge the note messages into the original midi stream, I could pass them through the physical midi port on the LS9 and on to the lighting controller.

So far, I have managed to find a program (midibuttons) to play the “Notes” and I have installed MIDI-OX and MIDI-Yoke and have everything apparently working on the laptop end - I can have studio manager running and midibuttons appears to be properly inserting the note messages into the stream when I look at it in midi-ox. I told the LS9 to echo messages… and nothing.

My conclusion so far is that it’s not possible to pass the “internal” midi to the physical midi out. Is this an unfortunately correct assumption?

Thanks so much for your help!

QUICK EDIT: I forgot to answer your question properly. I am not wanting to change scenes on the console in order to do this as I need the lighting cues to be independent. Also, the Elation responds to MIDI Note for scene changes (what I want), although it may use program change for other things. I’ll have to look.

-Michael Hunter

I understand.

Please detail the network connections from your netbook to the LS9.

No, you can’t pass-through the MIDI note messages via the network connection on the LS9, but maybe there’s another way.

The LS9 is connected via a dedicated Wi-Fi router mounted in the rack which is set up with a static IP for the LS9, although the netbook is currently set up to use DHCP. On the netbook side I’m running WinXP with the DME-N driver and MIDI-Yoke installed.

Thanks again for your help!

You would need a device other than the LS9 to receive the MIDI commands from your netbook and convert them to MIDI.

Another computer with a MIDI interface, or something like this would be needed.

Probably be easier to find a lighting controller that can receive commands via network.