Link EQs and Dyn of 2 CL series

I’m trying to link EQs, Dynamics1 and Dynamics 2 of 2 CL5. The goal is when if someone change a parameter on te EQs on the CL5 n°1 it’s gonna change it on the other one and
When I open the CL/QL module on Companion, those parameters are note there, can I try to cheat by using Rivage connection for CL series ? Is that working ?
I wanted to do it using triggers, actions and feedbacks

Thx you for your help

Hello and welcome!

So, you need to change whether the channels are linked or not using companion?
That would be possible, but I’m curious why you not just have them linked all the time?

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I can not link 2 channels from 2 différent mixers

That’s why I need to use companion to GET the informations and to SET it

No ?

The uses case is

MIXER 1 Channel 1 - Mic X

MIXER 2 Channel 1 - Mic X

If MIXER 1 change the ratio of the Compressor of Channel 1, I want that it change on MIXER 2 Channel 1

If MIXER 2 change the HPF frequency I want that it change on the MIXER 1 Channel1

That’s an exemple

Oh, I see. I thought you were referring to the channel linking function on the console.

So, you want Mixer 1 to change a value on Mixer 2?

First, you’ll have to determine if that parameter is being transmitted or not. Beside the module name, click the >_ icon to open the module log. Then operate a fader to make sure you’re seeing the RCP message. If that’s working, then try adjusting the Dynamics or EQ to see if you see a message. If you see a message, then what you’re asking can be done. If you don’t see a message, then it can’t be done, at least with the RCP module. See here for details on looking at the module log:

If you are interested in completely controlling one console from another, I would recommend checking out remotely-possible.