Looking for DTR flashing software

I’ve recently purchased 4 Rev2 DTRs from ebay and i’m looking to upgrade the firmware to Rev3. I have a flashing cable as well. How do I go about procuring the firmware to flash? It looks like the links in Andy’s original post are dead. I called MOTO and they were absolutely no help. Any help appreciated.

All the links are fine.

What error message are you seeing when you click on the links?

Actually when i click on the “Attachment 492” , “Attachment 493” or “Attachment 494” on your #6 post I get “Invalid Attachment Specified”. See attached.

That’s really strange! They’re working for me, I just checked again.

I’ll try uploading them again and see if that makes any difference. I’ll let you know when that’s done and you can try again.
Sorry about that!

Ok, I re-uploaded the files. Let me know if that works for you now.

looks like its working now. thanks for the effort.
I will post my upgrade experiences.

Thanks for the invite Andy. I am thinking of getting the programming cable, a USB to serial adapter and (shudder) a Windows computer, to update my DTR550 and DTR410 radios. (Most are rev. 2 and I think one is rev. 3)

I tried clicking the links to the software and user guide but it just says not allowed access. My forum account is of course activated. Maybe I have to make a certain number of posts on the forum first?

Welcome, Chickenhawk!

Yeah, to protect the forum from spammers, the first couple of posts are moderated, and download rights are limited. You should be good to go now.

Let me know if you have any questions or run into trouble. Make sure to read the Flash guide and follow it exactly.

Hey Andy,

I’m getting the same issue as Chickenhawk, it’s not letting me download the software files to program the DTR650s, any chance you can approve my account for it since I’m a new member? Thank you again for sharing this great resource - I can’t believe this isn’t available anywhere else.

Guys, I just want to check - There should be a large (unmissable) yellow notice at the top of each page which says that you need to make a post before you can download.

Yes, it’s gone now though. Thank you.

I did a post and I still am unable to download the firmware and docs, am I missing something?

Check it now and let me know. You should be able to download now.

Thank you Andy, I was able to download the files.

If I incorrectly flash a DTR 550/650 is there any way to roll back? I just want to make sure that I don’t brick my devices

Hi Andy, I am having issues downloading the manual to flash the DTR and the firmware file. Would you be able to help me as well? I am looking to update the firmware on my DTR550 so that I can program it.

What problem are you having?