Losing @channel_name variables on scene save

Looks like I’m losing the values of channel name variables grabbed from the desk using the @(internal:custom_Ch1_Name) command when I save a scene - This is the one you generously helped setup for me. There’s a least one other function button - ch on toggle -
that seems to stop after a save too. Restarting companion fixes.

I’ve attached the config in case you want to have a look P91 grabs names feedback from the desk, P7, button 21 is the command that stops.

Companion 3.0.0, RCP 3.0.2

Ok, thanks for reporting this. I can check it out, but I think you forgot to attach the file?

I had your old file, and I think I have it figured out.

Please try 3.0.4 and let me know!

Yep, that seems to have fixed it :+1:

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