LS9 and SOF

I’m in the middle of a show and am trying to find an easier way to access the delay features. I was hoping there was an easy way to download the SOF software. I guess in the era of 9/11, one can’t be to careful about internet piracy. Hopefully I can try the software before rehearsal is over.

…it´s really not easy to download the SOF software! Did you get it? And how works it??

Thanks ,

It’s as easy as the instructions say. Make a post, wait a few minutes and you can download the program. For free, no less!
What’s so difficult about that?

this is definetly one of the functions that has been missing in the LS9 software!



sorry, I over-read the instruction with the first forum-post! it´s really easy!!! thanks for this software!!! it make my monitor jobs much easier!!!