LS9 recorder issues

Has anyone else had recorder issues with the LS9 dropping out? I am running the latest firmware. I heard with earlier firmware it could be the type of thumb drive or even that the LS9 has trouble with writing to 8gb thumb drive specifically. anyone have similar problems?

I haven’t had any problems, but haven’t used one for a few years.

Here’s what Yamaha has to say about the subject:

I did sound for a school choral concert last Dec, and at the last minute they wanted a recording. My thumb drive was full, so one of the kids loaned me an MP3 player device and said all I had to do was plug it in because it would look like a USB drive. The LS9 saw it OK, and set up the YPE and SONGS directories, but when I started recording, the drive couldn’t keep up and would drop out every few seconds. I’ve had no other problems with up to 4 GB drives.

Yes I had a simular problem with one usb drive, it kept dropping out after a few seconds. No problems since then but only used up to 4GB drives.

I’ve been using a 2gb thumb drive for over 2 years…I record every show we do (about 3 shows a week.) and have no problems. I use a sandisk 2gb memory stick.

Currently I am the only sound person to record, but usb thumb drives are really slow at writing, so the quality is just so so. We bought a dozen thumb drives of some cheap brand, and all of them recorded poorly. I have a nice 4 gig PNY and another 4 gig Sony, both worked just fine. Also, just another issue, is the usb power, if it happens with several different brand of thumb drives your usb power might be unstable (not as uncommon as people would think, just look up ATI Eyefinity USB active display port adapters, and you can find a ton of people who struggle with consistent usb power).