Macros not appearing

DaanKerkhof wrote:

Hi Andy,

I tried your new module this afternoon.

  • Macro’s didn’t show up, or didn’t get created
  • I wasn’t able to pull channel names from the desk

QL1 running 5.51

Also, is there a way to change custom fader bank B between layers 1/2/3/4?

That’s pretty strange! Here’s a video (just screen capture, no audio) of the macro creation workflow:

Sorry, macro’s are working. I did something stupid.

Any suggestions on the other items?
I have a QL1 and a lot of time at my disposal if you want anything tested.


If the macros are working, then you don’t have to figure out commands, like the faderbank one.
Start recording, change the bank on the console, stop recording.
Drag the new macro preset to a button and there’s the command!

Macros should make life a lot easier.

I really could use some additional testing. Not too many people have a console at their disposal (not even me) so it’s slow going to test stuff.
If you were up for it, we could do a zoom session and accomplish a lot.

Really appreciate the testing you’ve done so far. Thank you!

Oh, channel name video here.