Mic routing

I use an LS9-32 as a monitor console & ADDA section for my QL1 @ FoH. When the full band doesn’t show up we have several multi-instrumentalists that cover open instruments. I wrote some commands that repatch vocal mics to different channels. All the same model mics on vocals. So if my 2nd lead guitarist goes to keys there’s a button that swaps the Omni-ins on key vocals & lead gtr 2 vocals. Lead gtr 1 also covers keys & sings, as does acoustic gtr 1. Most of my guys use iPads to mix their monitors. This let’s their vocal always be in the same place on the console & iPad no matter what location they are on onstage. I also use the same type setup to switch back & forth from wireless mics & acoustic guitars to wired ones when the spectrum is to crazy. Unlike a wireless vs wired patch in the console this let’s me easily switch one channel at a time. Gain is included so one’s mic changes levels between positions.

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I too do the same thing with input patch changing for players that move around. Makes a lot of sense, once you get things programmed that way.

May you can help me, is it posible to make a „b“ input for a backup like in a figico console.
What i like to do is to have for all vocals 5wireles one as a spare and if one of the 5 have a problem he takes the spare one. So i like to push the spare button then select and then id should switch to the spare.

I did that with companion.
This page has 16 inputs (channels 1-16) and a “spare” channel patched to channel 32.
If any of the 16 channels needs to be to be replaced by the spare, just press the channel button. It will put input 32 into it’s place, with the correct gain. Press it again to go back to the original patch.
Press the page button to make sure it pulls gain properly.
This actually works better than the DiGiCo solution because it pulls the proper gain for the channel.
Try it out, let me know how it works.
Backup Mic (1 page).companionconfig.zip (2.5 KB)

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