Mic routing

I use an LS9-32 as a monitor console & ADDA section for my QL1 @ FoH. When the full band doesn’t show up we have several multi-instrumentalists that cover open instruments. I wrote some commands that repatch vocal mics to different channels. All the same model mics on vocals. So if my 2nd lead guitarist goes to keys there’s a button that swaps the Omni-ins on key vocals & lead gtr 2 vocals. Lead gtr 1 also covers keys & sings, as does acoustic gtr 1. Most of my guys use iPads to mix their monitors. This let’s their vocal always be in the same place on the console & iPad no matter what location they are on onstage. I also use the same type setup to switch back & forth from wireless mics & acoustic guitars to wired ones when the spectrum is to crazy. Unlike a wireless vs wired patch in the console this let’s me easily switch one channel at a time. Gain is included so one’s mic changes levels between positions.

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I too do the same thing with input patch changing for players that move around. Makes a lot of sense, once you get things programmed that way.