MIDI Control of LS9 Recorder

Hey All,

Apologies for my not being super great with MIDI (especially the older stuff like SysEx).

I’m having quite a lot of success using MIDI to accomplish some simple tasks on the LS9-32 (muting channels, moving faders, etc), but I keep getting stuck when I try to use MIDI to control the internal recorder. I’m either reading the manual wrong, or it isn’t super helpful - either would be par for the course for me - but I think I’d need to send a SysEx message to do so.

Is that correct? If so, what would the specific SysEx messages be for controlling the LS9’s internal recorder? I specifically would like the Arm Record, Play, and Stop buttons.

Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome!

What are you using to send MIDI commands to your LS9?

The LS9 recorder is controlled by MMC (MIDI Machine Control) commands, which are detailed in on Page 261 of the LS9 manual. (System Realtime Messages and System Exclusive Messages)