MIDI Module 1.1.2

Hi Andy
After a restart or two - It’s now stable.
I did get a JS error - but a restart fixed that. Must have been a hang on from a previous error or something.

Looking good so far.

Did you have any actions/feedback still there from 1.1.1? The original ones were created incorrectly and cause an error in 1.1.2. If you start fresh I found I wasn’t getting any errors.

Let me know how it goes. And thanks!

That’s probably why I still had a JS error at one point then.
After a restart, the first thing I did was to drop the new Macro Preset on top of an existing one. Which worked OK.

Let me know about the auto-creation if it seems to be working as expected. Press-and-hold to create a latching action. Great for “On/Off” type functions.

Yeah That all works fine.

Excellent. Thanks for letting me know.

My thought was that I’d like to be able to use the SD without having to access the GUI, except to edit and change the names. To that end, I wonder if I should add functionality to allow adding commands to an existing button. My thought was perhaps a button that when pressed allows adding functions to a button, or maybe the long-press is always adding to the button, and forget about the auto-latching feature…

Not sure which way to go on this.

I most likely am going to see about adding some channel name and color functionality next. I have an idea for a “quick patch” screen that will need channel names.