MIDI Module Macro Preset

I am using the MIDI module for companion V3 with the CL editor.
In the buttons tab->preset. I get this message : You have no connections that support presets at the moment.

if I am right,using the V2.4.2 of companion with the midi module, I could find a preset to capture macros.

Am I doing something wrong cause I cannot find it in the V3?

I also tried to import macro from the RCP macro page 4.companionconfig file I could find on this website.
but when I try to capture macros, no steps are detected. though I can see things happen in the logs.

Welcome @Adrien!
I hadn’t tested the MIDI module for a while, but it looks like what you said is true that it’s not recording any of the commands. It’s a bug in Companion, not my module as far as I can tell, so I’ve asked Companion to look into it.
Once we have a fix, I will let you know.
BTW, as the help text describes, I cannot create a Preset for MIDI macros due to changes within Companion. Hopefully in the future that will be possible.

I found a way…
I imported RCP macro page 4.companionconfig.
As it is i cannot capture anything
But if you go edit button ->step 2->internal: Action Recorder: Set connections->then you have to set “connections” to yamaha-MIDI instead of RCP or invalid…
and it works

Thank you for all your work by the way.

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Yes that is one thing, and I’ll add those instructions on how to use the RCP macros with the MIDI module by changing the connection.
I was also finding though that it wasn’t “replacing” the actions, on the later beta of companion, which I’ve notified them about.