MIDI Module recording issue

Hey Andy,
Thanks for all your work. I’m stoked to dive in and see what parts of my workflow I can simplify with your companion modules. I just got the RCP and MIDI up running with the QL5 last night.
I’m on the 3.0.1 for MIDI and RCP is 3.1.0. It was working normally with just the Console connected but now that i’ve got some wireless channels connected over Dante and controlled by the QL the MIDI record function is getting inundated with commands.
Is this avoidable or should I just only record actions while the console isnt controlling other devices?

Interesting. Likely there’s a pile of status commands coming from the wireless. I haven’t really implemented any filters on the Macro function so, yeah, you’d be best to do your recording when you don’t have wireless attached.

BTW, you should download the latest RCP module from here as well.

If you wanted to send me a log of the messages that are coming in from the wireless, I could look to see if there was an easy way to “filter” them out, as this could be pretty annoying!

Already broke down, but i’ll try and get the logs on the next show. I think you’re right on it being status updates, as it was the same messages being repeated.

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