Midi transmission to Yamaha LS9

I am working on a design for a 1 button system to send a midi signal to our LS9 in the booth (high school auditorium) to change to a default scene. We have many instances where we just need two wireless mics and the audio from a laptop to be at a default state and not to have someone (me) get a call to “turn on the sound board.”

It appears that I could use something like a programmed raspberry pi or parallax propeller to send this midi signal to the booth upon a button depress. It will always be the same scene number. There are times when settings change from one event to another, which is the need for a default button.

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I think that while an Arduino or Raspberry Pi project might be fun for a DIY’er, it’s probably overkill when there’s already devices that will do what you want and can be implemented in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days.

MIDI Solutions switch controller
Pocket Electronics controller

Great suggestion! I’d still like to investigate a solution that doesn’t cost that much. I have all of the parts to make a PLC but just need to know the protocol programming for sending the signal.

It’s just a MIDI PC (Program Change) message.

OK I now have the Midi Solutions Footswitch, have downloaded the programming software, but need info on the exact code needed to send a request to the LS9 console to change the scene to scene 2. I seeF0 43 11 3E 12 cc is the start of communicating with the LS9, but I cant find specific values to enter for the process.

You should read through the LS9 manual starting at page 177, which describes how to set up MIDI on the LS9. You’ll want to have Program Change RX enabled.
Program your MIDI Solutions box to transmit a PC (Program Change) message (Hex: C0 02) if you’ve set your LS9 to use MIDI channel 1 for PC messages.
Once you read through the MIDI section of the LS9 manual, you will see that you can set any PC message to recall any Scene. It defaults to 1 to 1, where PC 1 recalls scene 1, PC 2 recalls scene 2, etc.

The number may be off by 1, not certain whether the PC message is the Scene # or the Scene # - 1.

Let me know if you get stuck somewhere along the way.

OK - I did read through that section (for some reason I went straight to the appendix and was why I was absolutely confused).

So, will: F0 43 11 3E 12 11 change the scene to scene 1?

I’m using the midi solutions foot controller and have to input the hex code in manually.

I’m not sure why you’re using such a long way around. No need to use SysEx messages on the LS9. Just try it the way I said.

If you set Program Change TX on (as well as RX) on in the LS9 MIDI settings, then just use the “capture” function on the MIDI foot switch and then recall the scene you want on the LS9. If you have everything set up correctly, it will capture the MIDI message and then when you press the foot switch the next time, it will “play back” that MIDI message which will recall the scene.

As it shows in the MIDI Solutions Manual:

To program the Footswitch Controller to capture the Program Change and Bank Select messages it receives while the footswitch is depressed, send it the following System Exclusive programming command:
F0 00 00 50 04 0D F7

Once the Program Change and Bank Select data has been captured, tapping the footswitch causes the Footswitch Controller to resend the captured data. Captured data is retained even after power is removed from the Footswitch Controller.[/i][/b]

The manual is here if it did not come with one.

OK - So you have to have the computer hooked up via USB to the footswitch controller, both midi in and out cables hooked up, then send the command, press the footswitch, press the scene change on the LS9 (I have the midi TX set correctly), it should be programmed. Correct? How else would I send the system exclusive command other that from a laptop?

I think I figured out the issue. My midisport 2x2 and Mio both must not have enough power to power the the footswitch. Neither are on the list of midi interfaces that are known to have issues. The unit isn’t receiving the programming command.

No. Connect the MIDI in connector on your Footswitch to the MIDI out of your USB/MIDI adapter. Run the MIDI Solutions software, send the “Program Change Capture” command, and then disconnect the footswitch from your MIDI adapter.
Make sure you’ve set up your LS9 MIDI settings properly. (MIDI connections, PC TX/RX, etc.)
Next plug the MIDI IN on your Footswitch to the MIDI OUT of your LS9
Connect the MIDI OUT on your Footswitch to the MIDI IN of your LS9
Recall the scene you want the footswitch to recall. Footswitch should now be programmed.
Test it by changing scenes on the LS9 and then hitting the footswitch to see if it goes to the scene you programmed.

Ah. There should be a red light on the MIDI Solutions box that shows whether it’s getting power.