MIDI triggering ATEM function

I am having an issue with a certain command in my ATEM not working correctly when triggered via Generic MIDI. Here is a video showing exactly what I am talking about: Dropbox - IMG_1740.MOV - Simplify your life
Basically the AUTO Transition on the ATEM doesnt complete correctly.
This same thing happens even if you trigger a button press not in the receiving trigger.
Any ideas what could be happening here?

Interesting. Can you show me the details of how you’re using MIDI to trigger? Or DM me the config so I can have a look?
From the video, it looks like it’s receiving a MIDI message that starts the function, but then receives another one that stops it.
You could also have a look at the module log to see what messages are being received. I expect you’ll see one that starts the action, and another one that’s stopping it.

Got the config, but can’t really tell what’s happening because I don’t have an ATEM or whatever you’re using to trigger the MIDI message.

Please have a look at the module log and see what’s coming in for MIDI messages, see if there’s a 2nd one. You can also send me the main and module logs, but make sure you clear them before you test it.

I think I have it figured out. I’ve been doing a button press and release in one command. Instead, I tried just button press, and then set it to release when everything is complete and that works the way it should. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

To me, this feels like a bug in the trigger. By using the “Press and Release button” it sends the command twice, once on a press down, and again on release. I think that is why the ATEM is confused by it. This is not the way a button behaves when you physically press it. While you do get two separate commands in the log, one for press and one for release, there isn’t a command attached to when it releases.

Gotcha. If you can, you should always use the actual action for the trigger rather than having it press a button.
That is to say, remove the internal:press and release and replace it with the ATEM command that is on that button.
It’s generally not a good idea to have triggers that press buttons or buttons that press buttons. What if you decide to move that button, for example?