Midiyoke will not install on Vista

I’ve tried the installer and the manual method…rebooted…still will not install, says it was “interrupted”…any ideas?

I’ve noticed that the midiyoke documentation doesn’t mention anything about working on Vista, just 2000 and XP??

Here’s the fix


I was going to point you to the forum, but you beat me to it!

Hey thanks Andy! One question, I have everything working (great job on the program!), however some times when closing SOF the closing ports dialog comes up and hangs and I have to forcibly close the program and then force-ably close SM. Everything works again after restarting, so no worries…just wondered if this is a “Vista” problem or if you had any ideas about it? Thanks!

No idea why that would be happening. I’ve not really heard of that problem before. What console are you connecting to?