Most Out of a DM1000

I was given a nice low mileage DM1000. I would like to use it in the sound reinforcement industry. I think but I might be wrong that my options are few when it comes to using it with a tablet. I have to look into TEAM VIEWER. Are there any suggestions or ideas on how to move ahead with this? Thanks

Team viewer or any VNC program will work if you have a 2nd computer connected to the DM1000 running Studio Manager.

You can also control any Yamaha mixer via MIDI, so if you have a MIDI control surface, or a MIDI controller app for a tablet, you can use that. I made one for the CL5 to allow one of our crew to set his own monitor mix, for example…

Thanks a million! Computers are not the problem. It will be nice to get it up and running.