Motorla DTR Radio Batteries

I’ve heard that the batteries in the DTR radios are the same as for some other products and money can be saved by purchasing the “equivalent” battery instead of the original.
The Moto part numbers are 53963 for the regular battery, and 53964 for the hi-cap battery. The Hi-Cap battery has a rounded top rather than rectangular and is a little taller.

The regular battery has the part # SNN5706B. It’s a 1050mAh battery.

NNTN4655B Battery

The Hi-Capacity battery has the part # NNTN4655B, and it’s a 1450mAh battery.

SNN5706B Battery

Here’s the batteries side-by-side.

Battery Comparison 1 Battey Comparison 2

Pics of the batteries online from any stores seem to show the same battery image for the reg-cap and hi-cap batteries. Stores are probably just using some stock photos.
These batteries are available online for as low as $7.95, while the ones listed with the original Motorola part number are more like $30 - $50.
Has anyone found a supplier selling for the lower price that is trustworthy? i.e. the Battery is the real deal, new and so on? There are so many places to buy this product at the lower price, it’s hard to tell which are legit.

I purchased 5 of the $7.95 batteries on eBay, and not surprisingly, even though they are sold as “new”, they really aren’t. Dates are right on the batteries: 2008-2010, one didn’t work at all. Normally I’d return them but I can’t be bothered.

Is there reliable source for these batteries at a decent price? $30-$50 is a bit outrageous.

I found this deal on

Again, the batteries have old dates on them, but they work as if they are new. They really last a long time.

I just bought some more, so hopefully they work as well as the last set. Can’t beat the price.

I have purchased a dozen of these batteries from EBay. Once they arrived, sitting them side by side with the batteries that came with my radios, I could tell absolutely no difference. In using and experimenting with the new batteries opposed to the original, again, I could tell no difference in the up time of the radios. In my opinion, this is the best battery buy out there.

Someplace I read a post by someone who made mention of the fact that twelve volt chargers for the Motorola DTR radios were nonexistent. Recently I came across this site that claimed to have a twelve volt automotive charger for the DTR radios.

I also found and ordered these chargers from EBay for much less, and they actually do work.

Given the long operating time frame of the DTR batteries, having a twelve volt charger may not be a big thing. But, looking ahead to a time when you may not have electricity, being able to charge off a car battery might come in handy. Thus my reason for ordering a couple.

Thanks, Lonny. That battery deal looks pretty good. Did you notice if the dates were old like the ones I purchased?

Andy, I actually do not see a date on the battery that I can read as such. Laying the new ones that I recently ordered beside the original from my DTR650, they appear to be twins. The new batteries came sealed in plastic, and appear to be brand new.

If you look at the pictures I posted earlier in the thread, there is a date under the line CELL ORIGIN CHINA FINISHED IN CHINA
The larger one shows 20050104 which is Jan 4, 2005.

Can you snap a shot of one of your batteries to post here for comparison?

OK. If I have done this correctly, a picture of one of the batteries I just received is attached to this.

Yes, I can see the picture. Your battery date is 2010/08/20 or Aug 20, 2010.
As I said about the batteries I received, they are not new.

Ive always looked for older Nextel i series batteries, they work the same.

I ordered 4 of these a year or so ago off… paid $5.95 each (just under $40 for four with shipping)… I wish I had ordered more.

The numbers I have now are NNTN6923A and NNTN4655B… both 1450mah There appears to be more on for under $9. In Canada, they are a rip off at over $40 each.

I recently found an extended 1600 mAh battery. After ordering two to test them, we found that we are getting roughly 22 hours of up time after they are properly charged. For the price of a 1600mAh battery with free shipping, I thought these were a pretty good deal and wished to share with everyone. Shipping to Canada may be slightly more, but may also end up being a good deal for you folks as well. Here is the link.

Thanks, Lonny! That looks good, especially since the $4 ones you found earlier seem to be gone now.

Here’s a good deal - $2.50 each/free shipping!

Sorry to bump this sticky, but it got my brain wondering…

I have a RocketScience FuelPad that I have been using to charge my Nextel/Boost phone batteries (used for Moto/DirecTalk). Since the DTR batteries are so similar does anyone know if I will be able to charge them in the multi charger as well?

Looks like this:

P.S. My first DTR radios should arrive soon! :slight_smile: Very glad I found this forum - lots of good information!

I would like to mention that I’m surprised no one has mentioned iDEN phone batteries will work.

Really? Huh!

Very useful! Thank you!

for your information, I recently ordered 4 batteries from Amazon. Two from Amazon itself ($34 each including tax), two are from Hamcity 3rd party at $30 (including tax). Amazon ones are dated 11/2017, while ham city ones are dated 9/2018. Otherwise they are identical. I am bothered by bad batteries for quite sometime, and hence paid this big price to get these ones. It seems HamCity ones is a better deal than Amazon.