Motorola DTR550

Hi guys,

I’ve had a few DTR550s sitting around that I got from a gentleman on Kijiji, in relatively great condition, aside from a few paint splatters from the previous users.

However, I have 2 DTR550s, with the stubby non-removable antennas, and also have the CPS along with the programming cable.
One when I try read it is saying the firmware is an earlier version that does not support CPS, & the second, despite showing “Device Attached” on the screen, the CPS cannot read, because it states it could not establish a connection with the radio.

Any thoughts on this (mainly the could not establish connection)?

Hello and welcome!

Have a read through my blog regarding my experiences with the “non-recognized” DTRs. Good news is that they are flashable, even though everyone on the 'net and at Motorola said they weren’t.

Safely assuming the one that says a connection could not be established, would yield the same earlier firmware notice if it did establish a connection
I’ll be trying to get in touch with the gentleman I got them from, to see if he has a flash cable at all. If not, then my next stop will be the closest communications dealer to me, which is in Wetaskiwin (Ralcomm).

Edit: Do you think they would be able to update my firmware? I’ve just searched for the USB Firmware cable and cannot find it anywhere so far. The link to shopwiscomm’s USB Firmware cable, just redirects to

One thing I didn’t mention is, I have a total of 7 DTRs. The rest of them I programmed last night with no problems at all. The successfully programmed ones had the removable stubby antenna

Will definitely take a look at the blog when I log on to the PC

So, I just have an update.
Ralcomm in Wetaskiwin does not have the ability to update my firmware.
A while ago, he said he should be able to program my DTRs (before I got my own cable) & now says they’ve never carried anything for that radio, let alone the radio itself before.

Any thoughts? Essential that the 2 “delinquent” radios are able to be programmed

You have the flash cable? Go ahead and update them.

No sir, I don’t
I have the Serial programming cable.
Re-reading my message it did sound a bit confusing. Before I got my programming cable I asked him if he could program the DTRs, is what I meant

Messaged you on Skype.

Checked Skype on my phone & don’t have anything yet
I’ll check on PC when I sign on tonight

Edit: PC Skype also has no new messages