MyChannel replaced with custom variable?

Windows version?

I tested the Mac version, I’ll test the Windows version now and see what’s up.

Issue confirmed. Sometimes companion won’t build properly for Windows from a Mac. I guess that’s what happened in this case.
I will look for a workaround or see if there’s a fix.
Sorry about that!
MacOS version works fine if that’s any consolation!

I’m that tiny demographic - a sound man on PC!

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Well, that was a LOT of work to create the Windows build, but now I know how to do it so hopefully it’ll be easier next time!

Give it a try and let me know what I messed up this time! :slight_smile:

So far, so good :+1:

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Hi Andy
Running your latest build - but don’t seem to be getting any variables listed in the channel list for the ‘My Channel’ feature.

I created a variable - and when pasted into the name, I can see the number associated with variable - so I know that’s working.
I just can’t get that listed in any of the selected channels in the drop down for Yamaha-SCP: InCh/ToMix/On
All I see atm is a ‘-1’ in the drop down list, presumably from my previous config that used the old ‘My Channel’ functionality.

Where am I going wrong…?

Hey Kirb;

Did you read this whole thread?
See here: MyChannel replaced with custom variable? - #2 by Andy

Create your new variables and use them in place of the channel #'s in the actions.

Yes - but it appears that the variable parsing still isn’t happening for me.
All I get when I click in the InCh box is the drop down of Channel 1 to Channel 72.
I can’t paste the variable into the box - and it doesn’t appear in the list.

Yamaha Remote Control Protocol - v1.7.1

Yamaha Sysex MIDI - v1.3.4

Are these the correct version(s)?

You do have to paste the variable name exactly, it doesn’t autofill like a standard companion variable. Saying that. I’m seeing a variable issue too. Variables created in 2.3 are populating but when I try to add a new variable to Inch for example I’m seeing this

Which is exactly what I’m getting.
Although I’m using InCh/ToMix/On as opposed to Level

Something broke in a recent build it looks like.
Are you seeing the blue $/# button to the right of values? I can’t tell from the pics.


If it’s gone then the variable support disappeared for some reason.

Sorry about that - I’ll try and check it out tomorrow.

Still seeing the blue dollar, old variables work new ones don’t.

I see that the latest companion has broken the ability to type in the custom variable name into the drop-down. (Nothing I did)
I’m in contact with them for a fix and hopefully it will be coming soon!

New build is up for MacOS that should fix the problem.
Windows version might take a while, but I’m working on it…

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FINALLY! Windows version is up.

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Have you had a chance to try this yet, @ade ?

Yes, but not with a QL connected. Sorry I should’ve said . Certainly in the GUI, I can put in new custom variables, use them in expressions and QL commands. I can also see the $#

I’ve got quite a bit of time off now put I’ll be trying it out with a QL in Jan.

Thanks for the update.
Happy Christmas!

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Used this with a CL5 last night.
Talk to Stage works like a dream for individual musicians - especially when needing to talk back to individuals IEMs durning the gig.

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That’s great to hear, @kirb !
I’m thinking about a complete communication system using the SD+ so you have volume control of each person talking… :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas!