MyChannel replaced with custom variable?

Hi Andy, I see that the MyChannel feature is gone in 1.67 but I can’t get the InCh field to take a custom variable. I’m trying the usual $(variable… Am I dong something wrong?

Nope, nothing wrong on your end. I just forgot to add variable parsing to the Channel #.

Just testing but it seems to work…

I’ll write back when there’s a new build with this enabled.

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New build is up today, which adds the ability to use variables in dropdowns, but also allows SETTING of custom variables via feedback.
I’ll have to do a video on how that’s used, but it will be very powerful!


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Let me know if you have any trouble with the new build.

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Variables for inch seems to work well for actions but I couldn’t get it to work for feedback.
Also I couldn’t get feedback to work for InCh/label/Name even for absolute channels. I tried adding all the attributes in the change style properties box.

Thank you for testing that and letting me know.

I realized a small bug with the level feedback - I decided to change the absolute value to a more readable value for variables. if the variable “raw” value is 200 (meaning +2dB) I show it as 2.00. However, I didn’t apply that logic for comparisons.

However, names seems to be working as expected. Did you want to export a page to me that uses name feedback so I can test it here? Or at least a screenshot of the button config.
Once I check that I’ll post up a new build that fixes (I hope) the level variables feedback issue.

After importing my .config the feedback looked like this

I added the text attribute (and also tried all others) like this

Here’s the page export too
Feedback for (4.8 KB)

Got it. I see the issue(s) and will work on fixing them.
If you can, please let me know the values of the custom variables you’re using.

The one variable I used for InCh on this page $(internal:custom_ShowcallPTT)=27
If it helps, here’s the full config
Full config for (183.1 KB)

Got it. Making the changes and testing. Back soon.

That’s a pretty impressive layout! Lot of cool ideas in there.

I’ve updated your layout, all modules are disabled, but other than that, it should work as expected, unless I made a typo. It’s a lot of copy/paste but now that it’s done, I think you’ll see how it works.

Basically, at some point you need to retrieve the channel names into a custom variable. The way I’m setting custom variables isn’t part of regular companion, and will change in v3. I expect they’ll be a trigger or other way of setting custom variable values…
Basically, replace the $ with the @ to set a value. Only has meaning in feedback, will be ignored on actions. Here’s how that looks:

Then just use the variable as you would normally in the button text. The nice thing is you can now have other text rather than JUST the channel # and combine variables, etc.

Just let me do a build of companion with the fixes and then you can give it a try to see.

Ok, new builds are up. Give that a try.

Here’s your updated (full) config (remember to enable the modules after importing):
Full config for (182.2 KB)

Thanks for this Andy. Hopefully, if I get the time, I can give this a try tomorrow.

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Hey Ade;

Have you had a chance to try this yet?

I ran out of time unfortunately. Next opportunity is next week now. Will report back as soon as I can.

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Hey Andy, Variables for InCh functions and feedback all seems to be working well. Companion did seem to crash and recover a couple of times, I think that may have been associated with scene changes but I was making a lot of changes with scenes and companion pages. I’ll see if I can check that out further tomorrow.
That’s a lot of extra functionality with feedback to variables!

Thank you so much for checking that and letting me know.

If you do find anything that causes a crash, make sure to capture the error screen (if there is one) and remember what you did that made it crash. I definitely need to make sure my new changes don’t cause those kinds of problems!

New build up now that includes the latest modules from the latest beta.

2.4 isn’t working for me i get this error on startup

and the web page gets stuck with the synching at about 60%