Names and Meters for Yamaha DM7 Companion

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Has anyone got the Channel name, metering to work on a Stream Deck?

In the variables I can see the name in red and I can see the level but nothing shows up on the Sream Deck button.

I can control the fader on the DM7, turn channels off and on but nothing shows up on the button display.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hello and welcome!

You’d get channel or mix names to show up on the SD buttons using variables.
I would recommend having a look at my tutorial videos to see a good example. In the first video, starting at about 1:45, I add the mix name to the button.

The bottom video shows the meters in action, but doesn’t go into a lot about how to do it. Basically, though, you’d create a feedback for a meter, beit input, mix, matrix, whatever, and check “auto-create” so it makes the variable to store the meter value.
Then, add a “VUMeter” feedback, using this newly-created variable as the value.

Start with watching the videos and write back if you’re still getting stuck. Thank you for trying it out!

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Hello Andy

Those videos are great !!!

Thanks for your help !

I saw one of them today and your reply has answered all questions !


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Let me know how the Metering works for you. I haven’t heard from any DM7 people yet to find out if it works as designed or…

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