New DTR720 model, looks like an updated DTR550

Found something interesting tonight…Motorola added another model, a DTR720. The DTR720 gets a color display and the DLR Profile ID features. The DTR720 looks like an updated DTR550. It looks like a fresh posting on Moto’s site. No documentation is available yet. I am glad to see that Motorola appears to be committed to keeping their line of 900MHz digital on-site business radios on the market.

LOL, right after I get my fleet of DTR700 radios!

Their web site is hilariously bad.

The pics are of a DTR550.

I saw that it is a pic of a DTR550, probably a placeholder for updated information to be posted later. At least it’s a sign of another new model in the works.

With new models adopting the DLR way of programming, the Talk Permit Tone (TPT) and other tones change too. The DLR tones are much less annoying than the NEXTEL tones in the DTRs, one the major complaints with the DTRs. The volume of all tones are adjustable too. The digital audio delay will be the same as the older DTRs but that’s normally not an issue for most users.

The DLR Profile ID and Call All Available and Page All Available features are big step forward. The Profile ID feature makes it insanely easy to secure your channels without using the CPS. The only way to do this in the older DTRs is with Private Groups. With the Profile ID feature, more radios can be added to a fleet without having to reprogram every radio in the fleet. Just set the 4 digit Profile ID on new radios to match what the fleet uses and you are done. You can still set up Private Groups identical to the older DTRs but it requires the CPS.

I am glad to see that Motorola appears to be committed to keeping the DTR product line going and working on expanding it. :eusa_clap:

I will go out on a limb here and make an educated guess about a future DTR720.

I think the DTR720 posting on Motorola’s site with a pic of a DTR550 is a hint of another new DTR model in the works. I am glad to see Motorola is keeping the DTR product line going and adding new models.

Early info on the DTR700 hinted at some Phase 2 features to be added later on and with no mention of what Phase 2 actually is. The details of Phase 2 probably have yet to be fully worked out inside Motorola. I have a gut feeling that the DTR720 will be a DTR700 with Manager Mode and other features added as Phase 2 and called a DTR720. Hopefully Phase 2 features also include Public TG scan like the DTR 550/650.

From an FCC and Industry Canada certification standpoint, the DTR720 can be included under the existing DTR 600/700 certifications provided it’s a DTR700 with zero hardware changes and Phase 2 features added. There are ways to add new models to an existing certification to cover a family of similar models. The Phase 2 features are software only and don’t touch the certified transmitter part of the DTR700.

FCC ID: AZ489FT5874

IC: 109U-89FT5874


Motorola claims there will be no firmware updates, so Phase 2 must mean something else. Perhaps as has happened in the past, they simply were wrong. For now though, there seems to be no way to do firmware updates.

Yep, saw that earlier. Probably no FW update for the DTR 600/700. My gut says there will be no FW update for the DTR 600/700 and the DTR720 will simply be a DTR700 with Phase 2 features added at the factory and called a DTR720.

I checked the Motorola DTR page today on Motorola’s site. The DTR720 that appeared as a DTR550 is now GONE. Vaporware as suspected. The DTR600 and DTR700 are still shown.

The 720 page is back up, with a proper picture and brochure now.

I can’t tell what the difference is between it and the 700, as there’s no manual on that page unfortunately! Maybe your eagle eye can spot the difference(s)?

I was curious, so I called Motorola.

The 600/700 is for North America, the 720 is international. Much like there was the 650 for NA and the 620 for other parts of the world.
720 won’t be available in NA but the 700 is the same radio, feature-wise. (So they say)

So no “Phase 2” so far. I’m thinking that “Phase 2” thing may have been a red herring?

Interesting. I see it looks like a DTR 600/700 but I didn’t find a brochure for it.

I did note the following:

Frequency band

902-907 | 915-928 | 916-928 | 920.5-928 MHz

The DTR 600/700 covers the entire 902-928 band in one swath. The DTR720 frequency coverage has a hole in it from 907-915 MHz, probably for other stuff like RFID. A lot of RFID tags work in that frequency range. IIRC in the USA, EZ-Pass transponders in cars and the toll plazas work in that frequency range.

The DTR720 may have fewer and/or smaller size hopsets. The DTR 600/700 is required by FCC 15.247 and Canada RSS to use a minimum hopset of 50 frequencies. The FCC has restrictions on minimun number of hopping frequencies, medium utilization, time of occupancy, and accumulated dwell time on individual hopping frequencies. I don’t believe the DTRs do any adaptivity to work around strong blocking signals in the band like Bluetooth does in the 2.4GHz band. I don’t think the DTRs employ any listen before talk (LBT) or detect and avoid (DAA) strategies. The DTRs appear to be non-adaptive frequency hoppers.

I was referring to the Specifications Sheet (top right of the page). It’s pretty much a brochure.

Yep, got that. When I think “brochure” I’m usually looking for a PDF file I can download. Anyhow I would say we have enough information already to say nothing new to see here for the USA and Canada regarding the DTR720.

It is a pdf.

I didn’t find the PDF earlier. D’Oh! Found it on Motorola’s site. Thanks! :slight_smile: