New guy

Howdy. Just purchased a used Motion Computing LE1700 tablet and plan to use the Sends on Fader software in conjunction with Studio Manager for my fulltime gig, mixing monitors on an LS9-32 for a traveling band. We’re doing around 180 shows a year across the south and eastern US mostly. The band is 5 piece (used to be 6), all in-ear, with the lead singer having wedges and ears, a cue pack for me, and an ear mix for our tour manager. This comes down to LOTS of changing between mixes, and almost the entire show spent in SOF mode with the cue active. Most shows we will do a side/vip/front fill mix from monitors as well. We’re using 8 channels of Sennheiser IEM300 G2 and we should be getting upgraded to G3s sometime in the next few months. For acoustic shows the budget won’t allow for separate FOH console, engineer, snake, processing, etc, so I’ll frequently have to mix FOH and monitors from side stage, which is a complete hassle walking back and forth.

I’m looking forward to having these tools in my arsenal, and will gladly help all I can with troubleshooting and testing. Any questions for me about the gear setup, just ask.