New Member

Thanks for being there… :>)


I m Grace Stanley. Today I use this forum first. I learn very much from your forum. Please give me more guidance as well as support also. I am very happy after using this forum.

Thank You.

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I’m Also a new member as of today and interested in using Behringer BF3000 midi controller with the 01V96. So this is my first post.
Thanks Nick H.

Hi everyone, I am also a New comer in your forum. I have been lurking about for a bit now, and thought I would introduce myself!! i am lynne ,nice to meet you,hope to get loads of support and information from this forum



I just found your site is a goldmine! Long live the forum!


I juste found your site too ! great !!

Hello…! this is my first message…! I want to control LS9 with BCF2000…!

Hello!. this is my first message. I want to control LS9. excuse my english thanks.

I’m a new member, i’d like to find a way to have a “send on fader” in the PM5d éditor so… let’s see. Thanx for your forum !