Number of recording tracks on 01v96i

Hello everybody!
I am a Yamaha user (M7, LS9), and I plan to buy a 01v96i for live recording. Does somebody knows if it can record up to 24 tracks using optical preamp expansion? or only records up to 16 tracks because the bandwith of usb? How can expand the recording tracks without having to buy another mixer?
Thanks a lot!


I don’t have a 01v96i and I’ve never used one, but I expect if you were to use DAW software that doesn’t mind more than 1 ASIO driver at a time (I’ve never seen one that does), you could have 2 separate sound cards, one for the first 16 channels coming directly from the 01V96i, the other from an ADAT or other interface. From what I’ve read, you’d probably have to use a driver like ASIO4All to allow multiple ASIO device drivers to work with one piece of DAW software.

Thanks Andy, I will check this option, and I will try to recover more data from a yamaha dealer. May be they give me one to test.
I will let you know the outcome.
(Sorry for my poor english)