On/Off switches for Sends on PM5Dv2

Sends on Fader is working great. Would it be possible to map the channel on/off switch in the PM5D Editor to the send on/off switch? Currently pressing this switch toggles the “Stereo” on/off switch which kills the channel itself. Being able to kill the selected send makes it easier to clean up unnecessary channels without modifying preset levels.

Another nice feature (not sure how to implement it) would be to provide access to the send Pre/Post switch of the selected mix bus.

Not a bad idea. I believe the Yamaha consoles are inconsistent in how the on/off switches work when in “Fader Flip” or “Sends on Fader” mode. On the DM2000 and PM5D (and maybe the 01V/02R) the on/off is always the channel on/off. On the M7CL/LS9 it becomes the send on/off when in SOF mode. It would be confusing to people used to the way the console works to change that, but perhaps it could be an option.

Another nice feature (not sure how to implement it) would be to provide access to the send Pre/Post switch of the selected mix bus.
I would think that would be something set during setup of the console. Why would you need to change that on the fly?

On the PM5D console when in Fader Flip, the channel and send on/off buttons are swapped along with the fader and encoder. I’ve already discovered well that the person operating the PM5D Editor thinks they can kill the send by toggling the on/off button. Instead they inadvertently kill the channel. And so where we used to have fader wars (before SoF), we now have button wars :wink: If there was an option to enable the button swap that would be very cool.

It is often very convenient to use the sends in Post mode. However, there are cases where the fader may be completely down and you still want to send some level to a mix bus. This can be easily done in Pre mode. The PM5D has a pre/post button on every send (right next to the send on/off button). Those settings are saved in each scene. On some channels we may change this from scene to scene. It also seems to involve operator preference… one person likes pre, the other person likes post - depending on how much they are willing to just follow the main channel (post) or have complete control (pre). I’ve noticed this particularly on instruments which need very little sound reinforcement. Sometimes they are off in the mains, but we’re sending them to some mixes in Pre mode. Meanwhile other quiet instruments or voices may work just fine in Post mode.

So we’re using SoF all the time and loving it. What would it take to have the On/Off switches follow the sends? Anything I could do to help make that happen?

It would take me finding some time to look into this, and then someone with a PM5D to beta test it. I haven’t looked at this code in years so I’d need to familiarize myself with it again…
How badly do you want it? :slight_smile:

I would use it immediately if it was available, as I’m using SoF multiple times a week. I have a PM5D and would be more than happy to test it for you. I’m not sure how you feel about controlling your source code, but I’m a software engineer and am not afraid of poking at code.

Oh, I’m not fussy (anymore) about protecting the code, only that I be involved if someone wants to add to the program. The real issue is the mess I’ve made of that program and the lack of commenting. It would be very tough for someone other than me to decipher it. I was just learning when I wrote it so there’s a LOT I would do differently were I to go at it again, but I don’t want to mess with it since it’s working fine. There’s some very touchy sections that took a while to make work properly. I had an LS9 console here for testing and about a dozen beta-testers working with me while I was creating it. The PM5D stuff is particularly tricky because it can’t be tested with 2 instances of SM. You have to have an actual PM5D connected to test it.

Anyway, once I get a moment I’ll take a read through the code again and see how difficult it would be to implement.

Thanks for your interest!

What you describe about the state of the code it pretty normal for a project like this. You think it will code one way, but to actually make it work the code has to be all bent up in a different direction and then you run out of steam. Anyway, I have a PM5D at my disposal all the time and would be more than happy to test it!

Just checking in. We continue to use SoF on the PM5D multiple times a week with multiple operators trained and loving it vs. reaching over/around the FOH operator. The on/off switch for the sends is highly desired.

Hey Bob;

Glad to hear it’s working well for you. I still am planning to try and add that functionality, but my schedule simply has not allowed me to look into it further yet.

Keep prodding and I’ll get on it! :slight_smile:

Hi Andy,

This is a friendly prod about On/Off switches for PM5Dv2 Sends on Fader.

I have another related request. On the 5D for each mix send there is the On/Off switch as well as a Pre/Post switch. It would be nice to have easy access to the Pre/Post switch as well. I wasn’t sure how to do this since there is only one switch in the Yamaha Editor. Perhaps you could have a mode button on the Yammie pannel that toggles the functionality of the On/Off switch between On/Off and Pre/Post?


Hey Bob;

Just got home and checking in. BTW, Did you know that you can just click the mix number (to the left of the mix level bar) and that switches the mix on and off?

Hi Andy,

We’re continuing to use SoF multiple times a week. Very solid, never crashes. I have noticed that when we change scenes on the 5D that we generally need to click on one of the Yammie mix channels to cause the faders to refresh.

I’m still very interested in On/Off and Pre/Post switches.

Your last post mentioned clicking on the mix number to turn the mix on/off. I have not been able to reproduce that, aybe I’m looking in the wrong place?


Glad to hear it’s still working well for you.

The numbers just left of the bargraph display of mix levels for each channel turns the auxes on off (from a solid bar - on to an empty bar - off)

Look at this video: [video]www.checkcheckonetwo.com/files/PM5D Aux OnOff.avi[/video]

Hey Andy, its been awhile since I’ve been on this post, but I’m using your SoF software all the time. Seems like you are quite busy and I’d like to see the couple changes mentioned. In the past we dialoged about me possibly updating the code myself. Are you still up for that? Thanks, Bob